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Teldat landing pages

Here you can find all the landing pages we have

Rail connectivity

Teldat H2-Rail 4G/LTE On-Board Communication Platform and Teldat APR222ac Access Points

Much more than just a router… It’s a rugged 4g/LTE/Wi-Fi/GPS solution for commuter, metro, light rail, subway, and freight trains, improving the transit experience for both passengers and operations staff. 

Connectivity in any vehicle

Teldat provides connectivity to any type of vehicle

Give your passengers a perfect trip

By installing Teldat H2-Automotive+, Teldat’s multiservice communications platform for vehicles, give your passengers huge added values onboard; such as Wi-Fi and entertainment (films, shopping, video games and more).

All in one corporate router

All Communications offered in one device

Teldat Advanced IP routers. All-on-one Compact Router. Fixed Line – 4G/LTE – Wi-Fi.11n – Serial.

Teldat has been developing and manufacturing compact cellular routers since GPRS started to be used for advanced IP dataCarrier/Integrator class routers.